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  • Photos of yourself,
    landscape or animals

  • Scoop photos

  • Dojinshi, photo collection, free magazine

  • applications

  • music

  • anime

  • journals for bringing up children or dieting

  • secret guide for
    overseas travel

  • love manual

  • illustrations
    and icons

  • calendar in PDF

  • wallpaper
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  • WordPress template

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  • Business documents templates

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    * Sell from Galapagos mobile phones to smart phones
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    linqbank is a link community for user reviews and search engine service for data sales
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Procedure for selling

Procedure of buying

About payments

Service fee


Payment of recalling fee

At the end of the month if the sales exceed 1000 yen, the payment would be made on the 20th of the following month into your paypal account (or bank account for Japan only).

Payment method

CreditCard • PayPal

Compatible models

For selling: web, Windows or the latest MacOS with an email account, feature phone, android phone, iPhone.
For buying: PC, feature phone, android phone, iPhone
※Downloading may not be possible depending on the phone model, content file type and data size.